Air Compressor Lubricants

Tribo-Synthetics distribute CPI air compressor oils are high quality, super refined, hydrocracked semi-synthetic and synthetic oils. They are fully compatible and designed specifically for improved compressor performance and longer life

Tribo-Synthetics distribute CPI synthetic air-compressor fluids that have been designed by CPI engineers and chemists they are optimised for use in reciprocating, rotary screw and vane compressors. Lubricants are tailor made to exacting OEM standards and proven in field performance. This technology is the result of over 30 year's progressive research into synthetic fluids and proprietary additives. Reliable synthetic compressor lubricants have been developed to consistently out-perform mineral oil based fluids and more importantly out-perform other synthetic fluids.

CPI Fluid Engineering solutions for air compressors are designed to ensure predictable routine maintenance, eliminating the need for costly rentals. These customised lubricants have been field tested and proved to achieve up to +10,000 hour drain intervals under standard operating conditions. Each fluid is formulated to meet the highly specific demands of your air compressor and the harsh working environment. Our lubricants provide:

- Improved water separation
- Superior corrosion protection
- Precisely controlled viscosity
- High-temperature/high pressure performance
- Low volatility
- Full compatibility with internal components
- NSF Food grade compliance
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