Lubricants for Ammonia Refrigeration

Tribo-Synthetics can offer a full range of lubricants specifically designed to operate with optimum performance in ammonia refrigeration systems. They provide cost benefits through extended drain intervals, fewer filter changes and less down time.

New semi-synthetic and synthetic lubricants have been developed to improve evaporator and compressor efficiency. These new lubricants are fully compatible with traditional mineral oils, system components and shaft seals. They are easily retro-fitted into the system and offer considerable performance improvement.

CP-1008-68 lubricants are premier fluids for use in ammonia systems. These products are very stable, fully system compatible and sludge resistant. They provide extended operation, reduced down time and lower service cost.

CP-4600 series fully synthetic lubricants are designed for extreme low temperature systems operating below -45°C. Their extreme pour point reduces film thickness in the evaporator and promotes excellent heat transfer.

CP-412 series lubricants are advanced synthetic fluids recommended for use with DX evaporators. They are also suitable for conventional flooded evaporators where high carry-over of lubricant could adversely affect evaporator efficiency. These CPI lubricants are specifically designed to operate with optimal performance in ammonia refrigeration systems.
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